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Blue Sea Aquaculture is pioneer in organic aquaculture production and marketing in India.Strong team work is at the heart of success. We pride ourselves with an integrated and holistic approach to all our activities, from farming to export. Our companies´ conviction and commitment draws on the ethos of sustainable development and a responsible consumer culture.

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Organic aquaculture is a holistic concept for freshwater and marine aquaculture farms that formulates strict requirements on limiting the environmental impact of aquaculture production.

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Happy Customers with WTBT

  • What a magnificent idea to start an organic aquaculture! The society deserves chemical free foodstuffs. Until yesterday we had organic agricultural foodstuffs, and now we have organic seafood (shrimp). Thank you for your gesture for a healthy society.

    -Manoj Biswas

  • Who knew that I would be again able to feed myself and my family with organic seafood? Today’s generation calls it organic, but in our younger days, this was the food that was available to almost everyone. Keep up the great effort.

    -Tapan Kumar Das